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Internet Safety Tips – “The Essentials” – Examples Of Attacks

I have been thinking that letting you see some of the content of the new eBook Internet Safety Tips – “The Essentials” might be helpful for those who aren’t sure they need this resource…

Here is a quick look inside Internet Safety Tips – “The Essentials”

Examples Of Attacks

There seems to be 3 kinds of people in the Internet these days

  1. Those who get viruses
  2. Those who do NOT get viruses
  3. Those who write the viruses

    eBook Cover By DR Jeff

I started learning about Internet Marketing in November of 2009.  My first website went live on December

2nd, 2009.  In the period of time from December 2nd 2009 to May 10th 2010 I had personally never run across so many viruses in my career!  In every instance they were easily defeated by the system that I use.  Here are 3 events that led me to publish this article.

The Blog Comment Hidden Trojan – Some *kind* person submitted a comment on one of The Seeber Consulting Blog entries on Christmas Day 2009.  It looked clean enough, but I had nagging suspicions.  So I dug into the post and discovered links embedded in several places.  I decided to pursue them… I had AntiVirus/AntiMalware software installed.  I was not worried.  Found the individual’s Blog and started cruising through their links.

*BANG* – Up comes the Microsoft Security Essentials Alert window saying that there are multiple programs attempting to access my computer.

Due to having the UAC (User Account Control) set to HIGH on my Vista and Windows 7 systems, the attacking programs were not able to compromise my system.  I did make sure that Microsoft Security Essentials scanned my entire system after this event, and it gave me the all clear…

The comment has since been removed, and the user and their site is on my blacklist… but it’s a great example of how you can go from Great to *rotten* in a blink of an eye!  Thank goodness I was following my own advice about AntiVirus/AntiMalware Strategies!!!

The “Click for Traffic” Attack – I was using a very popular “click for traffic” website.  I was well into a session to accumulate points to advertise my websites when out of the blue came a “You Have A Virus” pop-up – You have seen them before!

I quickly used my “secret weapon” to eliminate the pop-up and the attack ceased immediately.  I did assure that my system was clean by entering SAFE MODE and scanning with my favorite malware tool.  In no time I was back to surfing my traffic site happily clicking away.

The Twitter Attack – One night during Twitter’s “Follow Friday” I saw a post that caught my eye.  I clicked on the shortened link, was taken to a Blog – then the screen *flashed* and up popped my AntiVirus warning me that software was attempting to be written to my system and the software installation had been halted.

*NOTE* – Knowing that the Twitter link was probably still *HOT* I returned to the site and attempted to get screen shots of the attack for this article..  I was RIGHT – the website was still infected and the attack hit…  I was able to get away *clean* due to ONE ACTION that halts malware and many virus attacks dead in their tracks…  and I will be training you in this technique in just a few pages!

*UPDATE* – I was successful in contacting the owner of the website.  It took a bit of time, but between my efforts, and the efforts of the hosting facility for this fellow’s blog, the site was cleaned up!  The Blog had been attacked, infected, and was a distribution point for a FAKE AntiVirus product.  NOW that the website has been cleaned of infection the owner is no longer worried about infecting his clients!

These three events, and many more, occurred within my first six months of being a student of Internet Marketing methods.  In this same period of time I had read about 4 different systems that had been *clobbered* and rendered unusable by virus or malware attacking unsuspecting Internet Marketers.

These unlucky users had lost data, money, and most importantly time.  This shouldn’t have happened in my opinion.

What was different between my results and their results?

Here it is in ONE SENTENCE:

I was prepared and trained to stop virus or malware attacks, while the other victims did not even know what to do FIRST when the virus or malware attack hit them.

I realized that there must be more people out there that did not understand what to do when you are getting attacked.  I realized that there must be an easy-to-use system that someone with very little training can put into action immediately when they are being attacked.

Next we will review the events in a typical Malware attack.  There is a little quiz as we go along so that you can see how you would have reacted.

THEN – I will transfer the information that help YOU stop Virus/Malware/Trojan attack before they get started!  Let’s go…

There you Have It!

Yes, it’s a teaser, but it gives you some idea of the Goals of the Internet Safety Tips – “The Essentials”…  You will learn the ‘Secret Weapon’ that will allow you to stop MOST Malware attacks cold!

You will also learn how to react when your Vista or Windows 7 system asks you to install a software package while you are surfing  the Internet…  Internet Safety doesn’t have to be difficult, you just need to know HOW to react to attacks to enhance your safety while surfing the Internet…

Hope this gives you an idea of how useful this eBook will be to you, your family, or business!

Let me know what you think, and we will talk again soon!

Till we talk again, Be Safe Out There !

Patrick Seeber . President of Seeber Consulting

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  • Mike says:

    What is the secret weapon? Did I miss something? Or do I need the book?

    August 14, 2011 at 4:51 PM
  • Patrick says:

    Hello Mike,

    Yes, the Secret Weapon IS in the eBook!

    In the Internet Safety Tips – “The Essentials” you will get 11 tips to help you Surf Safer! WHEN you implement the 11 tips, and have the Secret Weapon in you keyboard you will notice a dramatic decrease in infections!

    Unfortunately, Windows XP has aged to the point where the only option many times is to REACT to the symptoms of an infection. Windows Vista or Windows 7 is much more effective against Internet based attacks… and I explain Why in the eBook.

    I sure hope you make the decision to ‘take a chance’ and download the free eBook!

    Then let me know if it helps you out!

    Thanks Mike!

    Patrick Seeber

    August 15, 2011 at 6:26 AM
  • armorbear1 says:

    Thank you for sharing the Internet Safety Tips. I think these tips can help us to protect the system from hackers. I think one should follow these steps to prevent the system from virus

    September 5, 2011 at 3:31 PM

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