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Got the “Firefox Is Slow” Blues??? YOUR Easy Fix…

Firefox – Great Browser! Positively *love* it … till 7.0.1 came out…

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Finally, it got me! Some serious *LAG* time when moving from thread to thread on forums, moving to new websites in new tabs…

Just *SLOW* !!!

I had heard of such things… but hadn’t been hit till the new version 7.0.1.

The “Firefox Is Slow” Fix Is Easy – Just Follow Along

Well, it’s an easy Fix!

Here it comes:

All you need to do is open up a new tab.

Now, in the address bar type ‘about:config’ (without the quotes)

Yes, you will have to acknowledge the “This Might Void Your Warranty!” warning – I often ‘run with scissors’ so I un-check the “Show this warning next time” button too! You may want to call for help or change your mind about this now – YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary – You Saw The Warning!)  :-)

The About:Config Adjustment

The page that comes up is the ultra configurable Firefox interface!

You should have a Filter bar that opens below the address dialog box – If NOT, use a <CTRL> + <F> key combo to open up the ‘Filter’ or ‘Find’ dialog box

Type this into the ‘Filter’: network.http.max-connections

This takes you to the ‘recently changed setting’ that is probably causing your pronounced *Firefox Is Slow* syndrome as you pull up or navigate within websites. The recent change was to take the number of ‘network.http.max-connections’ from 30 to 256.

So now you need to double click on the highlighted line which contains ‘network.http.max-connections’.

When you get the “Enter Integer” dialog box, change the 256 entry to 30.

Close that tab or browser window, re-open Firefox, and you will notice you are now back to using *Flying Firefox*, not the ‘Firefox is slow’ version you had just seconds ago…

If this works, Great!

If it doesn’t work, please let me know what happened!

Hope that helps you out, and till we talk again…

Be Safe Out There!

Patrick Seeber . President of Seeber Consulting .

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  • Linda Sparks says:

    Thanks so much for this tip. I switched to Firefox recently at the leading of my development guru during major development mode –new website admin page,new website public view, new blog, new Facebook Fan Page.… I feel like a open tab conductor these days! Who knew I could manage so many open pages? The slowness has been making me crazy at times.

    I won’t suffer so long next time. I’ll just drop you a note, when I run into rough spots and see if you have a tip or a trick that will get me back to high performance. Keep em coming…I don’t see a slow down in new experiences in my near future.

    November 1, 2011 at 7:57 AM

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