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Feb 23rd, 2012 – Randy Hill Says:

The other day my computer was behaving different. Like most of us when our tools malfunction we tend to not be very happy.

Long story short—who do you call but Patrick Seeber! A while back when having some big computer problems Patrick had suggested I install a free program called Team Viewer. What Team Viewer does is, allow with your permission, Patrick to remotely take charge of your computer and fix it, or at least diagnose the problem.

Couple of things happen here:

  1. The time to diagnose the problem is greatly reduced.
  2. Waiting time to have a reliable source work on your computer is greatly reduced.
  3. Cost can also be reduced.
  4. Most importantly the happy factor goes way up and you can make a bad day get very good again!

Oh, by the way I live in Reno and Patrick is in Tucson. Yes, we don’t have to lose our trusty fix-it guy because he had to move to take care of his Mom. And he is “Made in America”.

Make it a Great Day,

Randy Hill

November 7th, 2011 – Sal Says:

I have utilized a number of other companies in Tucson for computer repairs, updates and installation assistance. None have been as knowledgeable and complete as the service you have provided.

No one else has been able to take care of all the issues I have had with my equipment without having to call someone else repeatedly, on my time! Then invariably there would be something they couldn’t do that would require a return trip. You take care of everything in one trip and everything you have fixed stayed fixed, unless I download something I shouldn’t.

No one alerted me to the need for turning up the security settings requiring me to be notified before anything is added or modified.

Some of the people I have contacted previously definitely needed to be on my Speed Dial if my computer was going to continue to operate at peak performance.

My comments are not a gift, they are well deserved.

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